The New York Wei Qi Society is open to all. The Society is run by Volunteers and is supported by Sponsoring members. It has a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Please feel free to stop by and have a good time.
Notes on playing at the Society.

1. There is NO SMOKING. There is however a sheltered stairway just outside the front door that smokers are welcome to use.

2. Playing fees are as follows:
Daily: $7 regular, $5 students & seniors
Monthly: $30 regular, $15 students & seniors
Yearly: $360
Sponsor: $450

3. The skill levels of the players at the Society ranges from 4Kyu to 7Dan ( AGA ). The average strength is about 2Dan.
4. Most games are played with Chinese rules, but most players are familar with ING and Japanese rules as well.
5. We try to schedule 1 large tournement and 2 small tournements a year.

6. Most players speak Chinese and English, and some members speak Japanese .

7. Hot Water and Tea are provided free.
8. At meal times food is ordered in from local retaurants, feel free to order with the group, order in by yourself, or bring your own.

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